Pet Peeve #23

by Mom

Am I the only driver in California that can do this? I have a pet peeve about one teensy einsy little thing about driving on California streets.


When I went through drivers' training back in the 80s, we were taught that when making turns, you turn from the right lane into the corresponding right lane, and from the left lane into the corresponding left lane.

Numerous times in the last few weeks, I have been practically run off the road by people turning wide on a left turn, or hit head on as I'm approaching a stop sign and someone cuts their left turn across my lane, and almost every day a woman swings her big SUV wide on her right turn almost mashing my little car. Every day she gives ME the same dirty look that says "how dare you get in my way," when in fact it'd HER fault if we were ever to collide. Granted, things may have changed since I took my last drivers' test, but I just checked the California DMV handbook and it still says to turn this way for the most part. There's even some cute little pictures!


Okay, I had to draw on the arrows because the image files from the DMV handbook are layered. And with my limited resources, this is amazingly good!

So there it is. Carry on.

But don't carry on turning wide or cutting corners.

You know what I mean.

3 responses to Pet Peeve #23

  1. Auntie Kat about 15 hours later said:

    And here I thought it was get in the far left lane and turn right. We did that once, remember? Scrapbooking with Beth at that school, we went for a soda run. Ah, the good ol' days.

  2. Gramma about 23 hours later said:

    I know what you mean. I always check to make sure I'm not sideswiped, especially when 2 lanes turn left onto a 3-lane street and I'm in the right lane going to middle lane. Tricky sometimes.

  3. Mom about 23 hours later said:

    No Kat, I think it's get in the far right hand lane and make a left - at least according to Moonlighting, ha ha.

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