Melody's Favorite Doggie

by Mom

A lot of people have asked me about our dog, Browser. He is Melody's favorite doggie (a new word for her) even though she loves to say Nano, the name of our other dog. Browser and Melody play in the evenings sometimes. She throws his toy for her and he watches her. No, really, he will play tug with her and since he is small, he doesn't pull her over.

Browser has a funny habit that we have tried to describe to people, but never really could. He likes to kick his feet. He looks like he's dancing. The other day, I finally caught him doing this while I had the video camera 1) handy 2) on and 3) he didn't stop as soon as I pointed it at him. Anyone remember Emerson J Frog? Ha ha. Anyway, here's that video people have been asking me for recently as I try to tell them about Browser kicking his feet and dancing. You can hear Melody talking in the background.

Ma nah ma nah

by Mom



Melody is a computer genius, and loves Miley Cyrus.

by Dad

Melody using the iMac, watching Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and just having fun. Recorded on the new Flip Mino.

Mom is a video fool now

by Mom

Now that Mom knows how to a) make videos b) post them to Youtube and c) embed them here, she is a video making fool! This new video shows Melody's reaction to this puddle in our back yard that was created when the sprinklers were left on for, oh, about two hours, by accident of course. She was just having so much fun I could not stop her.

New stats and a new movie!

by Mom

We have been enjoying our Memorial Day 5-day weekend quite a lot! Melody kicked off the holiday with her doctor's appointment. When they finally scraped their jaws off the floor, they told me her stats, which are: 27 pounds 11 ounces, 34 inches tall. Basically, Melody is the size of a 2-year-old. Wow. We knew she was tall, but wow, that's almost 3 feet tall at 15 months. Maybe she will grow up to be the next Cindy Crawford. One can hope.

As a reward for being gigantic, we took Melody to the Santa Ana Zoo, basically a primate zoo. There are a few birds, a few llama-like creatures, but mostly monkeys, chimps, lemurs, and gibbons (ha ha ha). To Melody, they were all "kitty" I think because her only frame of reference around furry, four-legged creatures with a long tail being our two cats. The llama thing was "doggie" if I recall correctly. She did get the birds and she thought the monkeys et al were pretty cool.

Here's a little video Dad put together giving you an idea of how our visit to the zoo went.